How to Love a Heart You Didn’t Break

S I X +

Another night, another argument. You’re puzzled. You don’t know why her brow is puckered or even the root of the glare. It’s the wee hours of the morning and there she goes again. “You don’t care,” she said. Something you’ve become accustomed to hearing. However, on the contrary, you do care. You’re thinking to yourself you’ve done all that you can, and possibly you have, but it’s still not good enough. You’re caring, consistent and supportive. You pay attention to every detail. Hell you can still recall the exact outfit she wore the day you guys met, but it’s still not enough. You make her a priority, yet she flies off the handle the one time you cannot respond to her in a timely fashion. It’s unfair! You cannot seem to understand what she means when she utters, “You don’t care.” Left in a state of confusion and often offended…

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